Monday, May 17, 2010


Mark and I are such big fans of Netflix. We first gave it a try when we first got married. The apartment we were in gave us cable included in our rent. Mark was a big fan of comidy central so we watched that a lot, so long as it was clean. Well one of the clean shows was reruns of Scrubs. I became obsessed with it and had to watch every episode. But Mark thought buying movies was such a waist of money, while he only watches movies a few times I watch movies over and over again. So I decided to join Netflix for the two week trial offer and get all the Scrubs I could rent within that time and cancel right before they charged me. He had mixed emotions, afraid I wouldn't cancel in time but enjoyed watching Scrubs and hearing me yell "I'm no superman" at the beginning of each episode. I didn't get all of the seasons in those two weeks so I took the free trial offer of the on line Blockbuster rentals too. Netflix was a lot easier I thought.
Anyway, Mark and I moved and got our house and realized we needed a cable and internet provider. Comcast gave us a great deal on all the movie channels for a year and our internet all for $80 a month. But when the year ran out they tried to charge us $150 for it. Even changing our cable to the least amount of channels wasn't worth it. So we dropped our cable altogether and just paid them for our internet. Instead of cable we got Netflix again. We pay $9 a month to always have one dvd rented out and unlimmited internet movies to watch on our computer. We love it. We watch what we want to watch and don't worry about commercials or anything stupid. They now have devices to watch instantly to your tv. If you have a Wii, PS3, or a Xbox360 you're already set.
All this to get to my point. They have sent me some codes to try Netflix free for a month to give to family and friends. Well I've already got my family into it so I thought I would let who ever reads this have a shot. Here are 2 codes: M205318463835 or M225378463455. Click HERE and you will be directed to the page you will need to enter one of these codes. Like I said the month is FREE so when you sign up there is no reason why you shouldn't sign up for the most expensive offer. Just remember the day you signed up so you can cancel one month from then. If you decide you like it it's still a good idea to remember because you may want to change to one of the cheaper deals. If any of you came apon this post and the codes were already used then leave a comment and I will see if I can get you one. They give me codes every few months.

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