Sunday, January 17, 2010

Calamity Jane

This is one of my all time favorite movies. I'm telling you it's wonderful. Doris Day is Calamity Jane and Howard Keel (that would be Adam in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, also classic must see) is Wild Bill Hitcock. The music is great, they are truely talented. I'll be honest with you, I think Doris is beautiful and my sisters and I used to watch her movies all while I was in high school, I used to wish I could look as cute as she was. Silly girl I was.

Anyway, Calamity is a tom boy who is always trying to prove herself. She get's herself in a bind when she promises to bring a famous actress to her small little town in the Dekota Territories. When she does she realizes what it's like to be a girl. That includes all the jealousy of seeing her crush liking that same actress she brought into town. I love the old classic musicals, after this film you will too. Such a great one.

Leap Year

This is a cute movie. It's predictable as far as romances go but I don't really think they were trying too hard to throw you off the romance course, that wasn't their intention I mean to say. I always enjoy Amy Adams and you might remember Matthew Goode from the movie Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore from years ago. Maybe it's the Irish in me but I can't help but shwoon over an Irish accent. Just music to me ears. It's a clean movie with very little swearing, I can't remember any but just in case I blocked it out I'll just say very little. It was a fun movie to see but I think a lot of you can wait till it comes out cause it really is predictable.

The basic plot is that a man and a women are dating (can I just say she has my dream job, staging homes, so awesome). She thinks he's going to propose, he doesn't. He goes on a business trip to Ireland over Leap Day and she decides to go there and propose to him. She runs into all sorts of issues along with an annoying inn keeper. I'm sure you can put together the rest. Cute.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

I loved this movie! It was so good. My sis, Kate, and I went for our annual new years day movie. My dad had read the reviews and told me that it wasn't like other Sherlock Holmes movies. It wasn't, IT WAS BETTER! There's a little romance, some action, great suspense, surounded by a great mystery. The ever so cute Jude Law is not the normal, boring, Watson and Robert Downey Jr. is much more comically rude then I normally picture Sherlock to be. You walk out looking at people and things differently, trying to find clues to a mystery that doesn't exist outside your head. I really enjoyed it and I think Mark would too. Great for a date. Go see it!