Saturday, October 23, 2010

Robin Hood

It has been so long since I've updated this but I've been wanting to for a while now and I finally have a soap box to stand on.  Mark and I recently got the new Robin Hood movie.  I didn't really care to get it at first because I think it's a pretty over done story.  But Mark doesn't care for most of the movies I get because they are mostly all chick flicks so I thought I'd get this one as one we might both enjoy.  We did enjoy it but I got a bit irritated at it at times.  I didn't like all the violence.  There wasn't even that much compared to Gladiator or Braveheart which is why this one is only PG13 and not R like the others.
Maybe it's been a long time since I've watch an epic action film and so I've become sensitive.  Either way I did not appreciate a few scenes that made me get choked up for the pain I saw the people go through.  Later I watched the older Robin Hood just to compare, and I love it so much more.  They still had fight scenes and battles but not nearly so graphic.  In the beginning they show Robin Hoods father getting in a bad position, then later they show him dead.  They didn't need to show all the gory details for me to believe he was dead and I still understood why Robin wanted vengeance on those who did what they did.  Like I said, this is a soap box post and I'm not done yet.  I feel like we are putting things in our heads that don't need to be there.  I don't want to go to war, I know I could never kill someone.  I have seen a couple of messed up dead bodies before and I can still see them if I think about it and I can still bring back that same terrible emotion I felt then too.  I feel like, by watching some of the scenes that are in these "put me right in the battle" action movies we are subjecting ourselves to scenes that we normally would not want to see.  If I were to ask you, "I video recorded some guy getting hit in the face with an arrow and it goes all the way through his face and you can see the blood going everywhere and you can see the life leaving him.  It's crazy, you want to see it?"  I think most of you would say, "No, that sounds horrible, why would you record that, and why would you want to show it to me?"  So why do we watch it when Hollywood records it and offers it to us to see?  I love the movie "Last of the Mohicans". It is one of my all time favorite movies.  I saw it first when it was on tv and it was edited.  In college I decided to not worrie about watching rated R movies and bought it on DVD because I loved it so much.  I found out the ONE scene that made it R because it was the only scene cut out of the tv version.  I didn't think it was that big of a deal and thought that it should even be bumped down to a PG13 rating.  Well eventually Mark and I got married and we decided not to watch Rs and to get rid of all the ones we owned.  The hardest part of this was getting rid of Last of the Mohicans and Braveheart and all the other violent war movies we loved.  We didn't feel like the violence was as bad as the sex scenes in other movies and what have you.  Now it has been so long that I see that although I never want to go to war, I have seen them all from the movies I have seen.
Like I said, this one doesn't have as many scenes as many others out there.  It's just been a while since I've seen any of these types of scenes and it kinda slapped me across the face.  I did like the twist in this story line as apposed to the other Robin Hood movies.  It was almost a before the story idea of how he became the Robin Hood we know, so there might be a sequel.  Oh one last thing that I didn't like was the feminism at the end.  I just don't think you should try to add feminism in period movies before feminism began.  I mean they were trying to fit a legend into actual history, trying to make it seem like a true story and then they throw in this idea that even then women are equal.  Well they weren't.  Anyway, I'll stop.  It's an ok movie, if you watch it tell me what you think.

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